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Anal Itch Assist Review

Editor's Rating:

Anal Itch Assist is a non-addictive, natural remedy, which contains homeopathic ingredients for temporary relief of anal itch, burning sensations, and overall discomfort. Anal Itch Assist claims to be safe and will not harm delicate anal tissue and membranes. It works to soothe skin in the anal area, and it contains a selection of homeopathic ingredients which are to be taken internally. Anal Itch Assist comes in a concentrated tincture formula, is easy to ingest and hassle-free with no artificial colors or preservatives, and is part of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia lifestyle.

Anal Itch Assist Ingredients:

Fagopyrum 12C:

  • produces pruritus, for the skin.

Aesculus 12C :

  • treats the soreness of the anus, if mucous membrane seems swollen and obstructs the passage.

Sulphur 12C :

  • combats itching and burning in the anus and redness around the anus.

Kali sulph 6X :

  • prevents burning

Cina 6C :

  • combats itching and anal pruritis.

Anal Itch Assist Price:

Anal Itch Assist is $12.99 for a 2 oz bottle, and comes with an eye drop applicator.


Anal Itch Assist offers a one year guarantee if you are dis-satisfied with the product for any reason.


As with so many other products, Anal Itch Assist is probably a great temporary relief method which would require ongoing treatment with no end in sight if you were to choose it as a remedy.

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